I really lucked out dating a girl from Napa Valley. Whenever Katie and I go to Napa to visit her family we always try new restaurants. This time we tried out the Kitchen Door. I ordered the Banh Mi Sandwich with Duck and sweet potato fries. I really liked my sandwich and thought it was well balanced. I especially loved my sweet potato fries! I did find the bread of my sandwich to be very hard so I recommend ordering the au jus with your meal. I want to also note that this sandwich is not gluten free. Check out below to see what Katie ordered!

All photos were taken with an iPhone 5S.

Kitchen Door4Kitchen Door5Kitchen Door

Katie here! I ordered the Nicoise Salad which was Tombo tuna confit, radish, Nicoise olive, cucumber, deviled egg, blue lake bean and caesar dressing. I really wanted to like this salad because it sounded so interesting but instead felt like I ate everything available in the fridge! Each ingredient was delicious on its own, but together the salad tasted strange. The curry deviled egg did not go well with the caesar dressing and the blue lake beans were out of place. This meal was gluten free, but I do not recommend ordering it. I think next time I’ll go with their gluten free Chicken ‘Pho’ Ga.

Kitchen Door3Kitchen Door2