Hello, everyone. Sorry for the break in post lately as the busy season for my job is starting to pick up and I had a terrible case of the stomach flu last week. Also I know it may seem this blog is 100% my work but Katie does put in a lot of effort into a great deal of the content on the page so with her work busy at the moment we simply haven’t had a lot of time to cook together over the past two weeks.

Alright, enough of the excuses. You may find it strange that the first post we blog from our little break is dog food, but here at Dam Good Food we do not discriminate. We’ve teamed up with our friend Zoe to make a dog-friendly yet gluten free and people friendly homemade treat. Zoe is doing one of those Instagram month challenges (So Zoe) and today’s post is the oven.

Making the Puppy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies was a pretty simple task and I did find parsley a strange ingredient. Be warned, though, your house will smell like Peanut Butter and dog food by the end of the cooking process.

Puppy CookiePuppy Cookie 2Puppy Cookie 3Puppy Cookie 5Puppy Cookie 6Puppy Cookie 8Puppy Cookie 9Puppy Cookie 10Puppy Cookie 11Puppy Cookie 12Puppy Cookie 13

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Check out the recipe —> Puppy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies 

Gluten Free Advice —> If you do not have an oat allergy on top of your or your dogs gluten free diet, I advise buying gluten free oats at your local grocery store.