Baked Spaghetti is the comfort food Katie and I enjoy making. A mixture of lasagna and spaghetti makes a creamy, delicious dinner with a ton of leftovers. The steps are simple, the ingredients are cheap and easy to buy. We tend to make baked spaghetti without the ground beef ingredient because our dish cannot hold the full recipe. Unfortunately, Katie and I got a little too into our conversation about future travel plans to Italy and forgot about the dish in the oven…

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Check out the recipe —> Baked Spaghetti 

Gluten Free Subsitutions —> The best gluten free rice pasta in our opinion is made by the brand Tinkyada. Tinkyada can be found at your local grocery store and can be found either in the gluten free section or the pasta section. Also please check the ingredents of the cottage cheese you purchase! Many brands list Modtified Food Starch as an ingredient which is not a safe Celiac ingredient.