Today I heard an ad on the radio for the Super Bowl! If the radio can advertise 4 months ahead of time then, Dam Good Food can post-Super Bowl recipes in October! For our non-American readers, this is a great recipe for any sports like gathering! Back to American football; I am an avid 49ners fan and spend my Sunday’s watching any and every game that airs. Sunday’s Katie typically works on the blog, reads, learns Spanish, etc. She’s not much of a sports fanatic. These Luau Meatballs were great and easy to make! We combined two recipes to make the meatballs and sauce for the crock pot. I highly recommend combining the two links we shared below.

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Luau MeatballsLuau Meatballs2Luau Meatballs3Luau Meatballs4Luau Meatballs5Luau Meatballs7Luau Meatballs6

Check it out —> Luau Meatballs Recipe 

Check it out —> Luau Meatballs Sauce Recipe 

Gluten Free Substitutions —> Bread crumbs were made from Udi’s Gluten free bread. Always check the ingredients of the worcestershire sauce you purchase! Some products do have wheat and others do not.