Happy National Gluten Free Day!

January 13th is National Gluten Free Day apparently and we thought the best way to celebrate is getting our favorite Gluten Free treats! Check out our delicious Gluten Free breakfast and lunch from Pushkin’s Bakery in Sacramento, CA! Katie is spoiled for having this establishment in Sacramento. Now, I do not have Celiac Disease or a Gluten Intolerance but I have tried a fair share of Gluten Free products since my roommate¬†aka Girlfriend aka Gluten Free fo lyfe super star (Kaite made me write this) is gluten free. I tend to eat towards this diet out of love and laziness. Why boil two pots of water when you can both eat rice pasta?

Below featured for breakfast from left to right is Carrot Cake Cupcake, Blueberry Cinamon Coffe Cake, and No Name. For lunch is an awesome Turk Bac Sandwich and the best homemade chips, I guarantee you will ever have.