French Onion Soup is not one of my favorite soups however; it is a soup Katie has always wanted to try. I never realized how many common menu items she never had in her life until we lived together! I got an idea when she got truly giddy over having her first wheat free deli made sandwich from Nugget Market in the first couple of months dating.

So we set out to make the perfect French Onion Soup and drum roll please; we failed! Okay, we didn’t completely fail but it tasted like onions and beef broth. Wheat free bread is tiny so her toasted bread looked like a sad little island in the middle of beef onion broth. They really need to make that bread bigger with less holes. Unfortunately the cheese was the final fail of the night when it all floated to the bottom.

Hope you enjoy our pictures but we ask for you to proceed with caution!


Check out the recipe —> French Onion Soup 

Gluten Free Substitutions —> We used Udi’s French Bread for the bread portion. We also chose to buy a gluten free beef broth as many brands include wheat in the broth. Remember to always read the ingredients!