One of my favorite Sushi spots to eat in Sacramento right now is Wrap N’ Roll in Downtown on L st. Who doesn’t love a sushi roll the size of a burrito that’s $8-$10?! I personally love the Spicy Tuna or the Triple Sashimi pictured below. Scroll down to see Katie’s suggestions on how to order a gluten free option.




Gluten free option! I recommend ordering the Tuna roll with fresh fish, without tamago and fried won ton strips. Wrap N’ Roll was nice enough to let me know that they dip their fish in a wheat based soy sauce so I ask for fresh fish.¬†Tamago is typically made with soy sauce so I generally avoid it and¬†Wrap N’Roll let me know their tamago is not gluten free. I have also asked for the ingredients of their sweet aioli and I have found it to be gluten free. Never be afraid to ask questions when ordering food! Bonus tip; always carry a couple to-go packs of GF soy sauce in your purse! – Katie