If you’re looking for a simple and delicious fried chicken recipe then look no further! The recipe calls for panko bread crumbs, but if you don’t have panko then normal bread crumbs will work as well. The sauce to coat the chicken was also very simple to follow and took no time at all.

Pictured below is gluten free. To make this gluten free make sure you find gluten free panko bread crumbs. Typically speciality food stores sell this product. Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Flour is our personal favorite gluten free flour if you cannot find the gluten free panko bread crumbs. For the sauce use gluten free soy sauce which can be found at your local Safeway, Raley’s, Whole Foods, etc. Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Flour is also easily found at your local Safeway, Raley’s, Whole Foods, etc.


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