April has been a crazy busy but awesome month. The month started out with Katie’s 25th birthday, we then celebrated our birthday’s with 18 of our closest friends in Lake Tahoe, CA, only to end this past week with my 27th birthday and the Beer and Chili festival in downtown Sacramento, CA. During all celebrations, I’ve been going back and forth from Berkeley, CA to Sacramento for a work commitment.

All of these wonderful celebrations has made April a great one but cooking for the blog has been put on the back burner which makes Katie and me sad. So we thought when we had a free day we would make this Strawberry Cheesecake with Oreo Crust. Now this recipe is not only a challenge because we had to make it gluten free but also because we are not bakers. Desserts are challenging for us but like I said, we were up for it!

A couple bumps did happen with the recipe but man was it good in taste. The original creator recommended a water bath for the cheesecake pan. We did our best to waterproof the pan with tin foil but unfortunately some water did leak into the crust which made it a little fudgier in texture. We also used fresh strawberries from our local Farmer’s Market. The strawberries were huge so next time I think we will chop the strawberries and toss with the delicious strawberry sauce and place that on top of the cheesecake instead of large whole topped off strawberries with sauce drizzled on top. All aesthetics of the cheesecake and shouldn’t make a difference taste wise.

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Check out the recipe — >  Strawberry Cheesecake with Oreo Crust

Gluten Free Substitutions —> As always, we used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour. For the Oreo ingrident we used Glutino’s Chocolate and Vanilla Cream Cookies. As a person who has had Oreo’s before I can say that the Glutino’s copy cat Oreo are pretty damn close in taste.