What makes these related to Vampires? Nothing. (actually, it’s because of the amount of garlic). The weather is starting to finally be grilling weather in Sacramento, CA so I couldn’t pass up this skirt steak taco recipe! I think next time I would prefer a flank steak for better taste and texture but that is my preference. The marinade is packed with flavor and the chipotle sauce Katie and I agreed could be put on anything and everything. Seriously, I had it on my salad the next day.

Now one part of the recipe that puzzled Katie and I was the quesadilla as the taco. We actually started laughing when reading the recipe because it doesn’t specifically say the word quesadilla but you’re making a quesadilla. I also should mention quesadillas are a major part of Katie’s diet so maybe that’s why it was so funny to us. When not eating Dam Good Food blog food she’s eating quesadillas, grilled cheeses, chicken nuggets and fish sticks. It’s like I live with a 5-year-old sometimes.

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Check out the recipe —> Vampire Tacos 

Gluten Free Substitutions —> As always we used Kikkoman Gluten Free Soy Sauce.