Sacramento is sushi crazy. There is so much affordable sushi in this city that Katie and I eat sushi at least once a week! Our favorite place is close to Sacramento State called Sushi Hook and our favorite, favorite sushi place is called Kru. Sushi Hook has 50% off all rolls at all times so most are between $6-$12. I’ve always wondered why they don’t reduce their prices on the menu but it’s a fun simple math practice every time we go! Kru does not have 50% off deals but their food is too good not to splurge on every once in a while. When I say splurge, I mean at least $12-$15 per roll so it’s really not that much of a splurge when you compare to other restaurants.

I love to try new recipes in our kitchen so I thought of a simple nori roll as an easy lunch to eat or take on the go. My nori roll is light, refreshing and completely editable (also edible) so all are welcome to express their own new ideas when trying to recreate!

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Nori Wraps

1 thinly sliced cucumber

2 thinly sliced avocados

1 8oz or less cream cheese block sliced into thin strips

furikake or sesame seeds

spicy mayo for topping

soy sauce for dipping – Kikkoman Gluten Free 

Ingredients suggested but not pictured above

pickled jalapenos, shrimp, tofu, sprouts , carrots, other raw fish.

Instructions – See pictures above for step by step directions. 

This recipe will make 3-4 nori rolls.

Lay one nori wrap on sushi mat. The sushi mat is not mandatory but really helps with the rolling process. Evenly place the sliced cucumber on the nori leaving about an inch on the end cucumber free. Place 2-3 slices of the avocado in one even row on top of cucumbers. Place thin strip of cream cheese next to sliced avocado. Sprinkle furikake or sesame seeds on top and proceed to roll. I recommend looking up a youtube video on how to roll nori but with a sushi mat, it is very simple. Simply start rolling from the side with cucumbers, avocado and cream cheese and pressed down tightly on each roll motion. When you have reached the end of your nori roll and only have the end without any cucumbers, avocado and cream cheese we recommend lightly brushing the nori with water to seal the final roll motion.

Writer’s note: I feel like I wrote the word roll way too many times and I apologize for any roll annoyance.