One of my good friends from college, Ali, loves to bake so I insisted she come over and make something for DAM Good Food. Ali had the task of bringing a pineapple sweet treat to our mutual friend’s bridal shower and the results were amazing. I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth and neither does Katie so the process of watching Ali make the Macarons blew our minds! An insane amount of effort goes into these little guys. Another bonus to Macarons is that most are Gluten Free so Katie was excited to have her first ever Macaron that night. We highly recommend this recipe or any dessert Ali wants to make for us again.

Timing on the cooling down of the custard filling didn’t quite work out so we had Ali send us the final presentation photos she took on her phone from the bridal shower.


Check out the recipe —> Pineapple Macarons

Check out the recipe —> Pineapple Buttercream