Light and refreshing are two words I would use to describe my lunch the other day. With the heat in Sacramento ramping up this summer I wanted to try to find an easy, light and cool (temperature wise but also socially cool) lunch that wouldn’t break the bank. So, Sunday morning Katie and I walked to the local Farmer’s Market under the freeway. This is the largest Farmer’s Market I’ve experienced and I love the location. The shade from the overpass helps with the heat and they recently painted awesome designs under the Freeway. I found amazing deals on the biggest cucumbers so I thought why not make Cucumber Tea Sandwiches because, you know, I’m a fancy fella.

I really liked the open face version of the sandwich the best because it was easier to eat and I simply like shit on toast. The triple decker was fun to assemble but made a cucumber slip and slide the moment I bit down to consume. I think Katie squealed over the cute factor at least 10 times while making the sandwiches and insisted her beloved Downton Abbey mug remained in the background of a least one final photo for the blog. She says Mary would approve the cucumber tea sandwiches until Edith approved and then Mary would despise them. Whatever that means…

cucumber tea sandwich-1cucumber tea sandwich-2cucumber tea sandwich-4cucumber tea sandwich-6cucumber tea sandwich-11cucumber tea sandwich-8

Check out the recipe —> Cucumber Tea Sandwiches 

Gluten Free Substitutions —> We used Udi’s gluten free white sandwich bread found at our local target.