I understand this isn’t an Australian delight of an appetizer but damn, when someone gives you credit for an amazing dish, take it! Bloomin’ Onions became popular in the United States when the Resturant chain, Outback Steakhouse, joined the scene. It’s an Australian themed steakhouse with catchy names about the shrimp on a barbie, and crocodiles. Bloomin’ Onion might be their most famous item on the menu and I’ve always wanted to try to make my own.

Fun fact time; The owners of Outback Steakhouse have never actually been to Australia! Sounds like an American Tycoon restaurant chain story to me. I’ve always wondered if there was an equivalent of Outback Steakhouse in Australia. Attention Australian readers! Is there a Texas Roadhouse style restaurant in Australia with an obnoxious American theme? If so, I’m sure it’s awful. 

Now, I knew this was not a recipe I could jump right into. I watched youtube videos on Bloomin’ Onion best practices to prepare myself mentally and physically. I was that serious about this bloomin’ bulb. Katie and I found the largest sweet yellow onion possible at the local Farmer’s Market thinking this would give us the best end product. Wrong! There was another onion growing inside our enormous onion! This made cutting the slices and pedals even more of a process. Next time we make this and if there is a next time, I would try to only use bite size small sweet yellow onions. Also, how the hell does Outback Steakhouse make this every damn day?! The effort. The time. The egg wash. The flour. The deep fry. All of it. How? They must have a machine and grow genetically modified perfect bloomin’ onions. A bloomin’ onion farm.

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Check out the recipe —> Blooming Onion . Or go to an Outback SteakHouse if you are not gluten free…

Gluten Free Substitutions —> We used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour  and a gluten-free horseradish cream sauce. Remember to always check the ingredients of any sauce you buy!