I was trying to think of something to make this past Sunday for breakfast and saw a Buzzfeed post about a Skillet Breakfast Hash. After watching the Tasty video I knew exactly what to make. It’s basically a hash brown pie, which is taking two of my favorite foods (Breakfast and Pie) and combining them.

Katie’s mom makes a similar dish for her family, but she uses the frozen hash brown patties instead. Katie says her mom takes any leftover meats or vegetables they have in the refrigerator, mix them together with eggs to make a quiche similar to a leftover casserole. Her mom would use the hashbrowns as a gluten free crust because¬†gluten free options were hard to find in the 1990’s so her mom had to come up with a lot of clever food options for Katie. Genius!

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Check out the recipe —> Skillet Breakfast Hash