At least once a month Katie and I do a creative pizza night. We make 2 to 4 pizzas with whatever flavors we are craving that day. Usually, our standard is our Jalapeno Popper Pizza we made at the very beginning of DAM Good Food. it’s crazy how different our blog style was that first month in 2015. We were still working out the kinks and finding out what style we were best at and what would make us unique.

This time around we decided to go with a recipe we found on a Buzzfeed list of amazing meals under 5 ingredients. Unfortunately, our local grocery store did not have pecorino cheese (the tragedy!) so we went with an Asiago Rosemary and Olive Oil cheese. Highly recommend cooking the crust and cheese in the oven until the cheese is slightly melted because it gives a nice hot start to the egg once cracked on top.


Check out the recipe —> White Pizza with Pecorino, Scallions, and Egg

Gluten free substitution —> We used the Udi’s Pizza Crust.