I was sceptical of this Cucumber, Watermelon, and Feta Salad simply because cheese and watermelon didn’t sound like they worked well together. Happy to say I was proven wrong by feta cheese. The original creator of this recipe took excellent, bright and vibrant photos of this salad which made it so easy to want to recreate. They also had the ability to make the cucumber mimic a noodle through an Inspiralizer.¬†I do not own an Inspiralizer but I do own a Mandolin which made long even strips of cucumbers to mimic noodles.

Taste wise, the salad was refreshing and delicious, however, in the future, I will make this salad with smaller chunky slices of the cucumber and a little salt and pepper. The cucumber “noodles” made it very difficult to eat but added a nice aesthetic¬†touch to the photos. I felt it needed some salt and pepper but Katie thought when you had a bite of every ingredient it was well balanced and didn’t need anything extra.

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