I love one pot dinners! Mainly because I hate washing dishes and Katie determines things as scary and uses that as an excuse to also not wash dishes. Love, right?  This one pot Greek chicken and rice pilaf dish didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it to.

First, the great debate of what is considered parboiled rice happened in my household. I was convinced it was normal rice and the act of cooking it with our food made it parboiled. Katie however, greatly disagreed with me until she stood in the rice isle and couldn’t find the word parboiled on any of the rice! Once she got home we googled more to find out minute rice is considered parboiled rice. I was wrong and she was in a rush; oh well. We ended up using normal uncooked rice which did make our chicken dry in the end.

Second, I do not recommend using as much lemon zest the recipe calls for. A bitter aftertaste plagued the meal and unfortunately didn’t help with the already dry chicken. Katie didn’t mind the bitterness when she had a bite of the chicken and rice together but did agree that the rice alone was too bitter. I definitely want to try to make one pot Greek chicken and rice pilaf again but will go about it differently.

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