Well, it took almost a year of planning and preparing but it finally happened, Katie and I are engaged! We have been together a little over 4 years now and ever since Year One I knew exactly how I wanted to pop the question. When we first started dating Katie and I went on the Rubicon Trail hike up in South Lake Tahoe in Emerald Bay. Halfway through our hike, Katie turned to me and said ” So. It’s alright with me if it’s alright with you that I become your girlfriend.” Those words have stuck in my head ever since that day.
So several months ago I planned my proposal with Katie’s best friend Kristen and her boyfriend Pete. It was Kristen’s job to get Katie to believe that she would be spending the day with her, because I  was “On Call” for work, once we got close enough to the day I would inform Katie I had the day off from work and would be able to join them on a hike in Tahoe. The day finally arrived and we were all set and ready to go up to Tahoe for our hike. I was extremely nervous and kept freaking out thinking that she would notice a giant ring box in my pocket. But luckily I stayed far enough back that she was unable to notice. As we get up to Tahoe we start to discuss which hike we want to hike, we end up picking the Rubicon Trail in Emerald Bay. That’s right, the same exact trail Katie and I went on when we first started dating. Once we got down to the lake and the start of the trail I begin to try and scope out a perfect spot where I wanted to pop the question.
We began to hike the trail, and I proceed to get even more nervous the farther we go, Kristen noticed and suggested that we take a few photos by the lake. We get down to the lake and I take a few photos of Kristen and Pete as my lighting testers to make sure when I pass the camera over to Pete that he is all set up to capture the big moment. Pete snaps off a few shots and I double check the settings on the camera, pretty much because I was very nervous and needed to take a few breaths. Once I hand the camera back to Pete and rejoin Katie he snaps off a few more photos of us and the moment of truth is about to happen. Katie tries to walk away from our couple photo thinking were completely done. Before I can let her walk away I grab her shoulder and say “So! It’s alright with me if it’s alright with you that you become my wife.” The same thing she said to me to become her boyfriend. I didn’t get the initial response that I expected, a few shocked “No”s and a few “Shut the fuck up”s were said until she said, of course, that’s a yes.