Shrimp Omelets. Yep. It’s the only way I know how to describe this weird and great taste. As many of our wonderful followers know, I typically like to showcase the cooking process and not just an end product. I noticed from many great food blogs they tend to only show an amazing end product. This then leads people to believe their re-creation will look the same. Pinterest or cooking recipe fails are hilarious and also incredibly sad. I like that here on DAM Good Food I show the process from beginning to end BUT, I can confidently assume no one will miss the cooking process photos when I go into detail on how to make a shrimp cake.

Alright, you get a blender, pour all wet ingredients in and add the raw shrimp! Mmmm blended shrimp. I had Katie do this process while I “prepped” the dry ingredients. The finished raw blended product looked like thick pink goop. Aren’t you happy I didn’t post these pictures? It smelled like curry, raw shrimp and fish sauce.

Happy to say once cooked the final result is delicious! After the first bite, I was surprised at how strange the texture was. I’ve never had a true authentic fish cake before and I don’t know why I assumed it would taste like a crab cake. The texture is truly like a fried omelet but the taste is curry shrimp. The dipping sauce really pulled through with the balance of flavors and it was a great appetizer to snack on before dinner.

img_0020img_0022img_0023Check out the recipe —> Thai Shrimp Cakes

Gluten Free Substitutions —> Always check the ingredients of any sauces you buy! Some companies sneak in wheat as a builder for thickness.