Happy Taco Tuesday! Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week merely for all the deals on tacos in the area. The other day I was searching on amazon and found a taco holder and I knew immediately I had to buy it. The great thing about the holder is once you heat up the corn tortillas and place them in the tin holders they immediately start to take on the form of the triangular shape. It’s the little joys in life, ya know?

Tilapia is becoming one of my favorite fish go-to’s because it’s so easy to cook and it’s so versatile. I tend to buy my poultry and fish in bulk for cost effective reasons but it also gives me the ability to cook anything spontaneous for dinner. I didn’t know when my taco holders were arriving via mail so once they did I grabbed some tilapia out of the freezer, let them thaw and started the cooking process.

The below recipe is from a Tasty video which has been quite popular recently on social media. The slaw recipe was easy to recreate and I even cheated by buying the already chopped up cabbage. Taste wise, the slaw standing as it’s own side I would not recommend. The amount of lime to off balance the spices of the tilapia is overpowering but when it’s all together it’s delicious.











Check out the recipe —> Tilapia Tacos