Work potlucks can be a daunting part of the holiday season. I work for a small company so the size of our potlucks is not so bad but where Katie works it is much larger. Her company will assign people dishes to bring based on departments or last names. It also doesn’t help that she works for a food company and the need to have your food impress is a high priority for some.  Every year she will come home stressed on whether or not to make a creative, impressive dish or pick up a store bought side and pretend she made it. That cheat! Typically Katie will make deviled eggs, browned sweet carrots or will buy a store bought broccoli salad. This year, however, Katie wanted to try to make something new ahead of time as practice; something appealing. To my surprise, she wanted to make creamy feta stuffed peppers. Katie cannot stand the smell or the taste of bell peppers so you can understand my amazement. I was obviously on board because the recipe sounded delicious.

The best part about making the creamy feta stuffed peppers was watching Katie bite into a raw bell pepper for what I assume, the first time in her 25 years of life. Like I have said before it’s like I live with a 5-year-old. I wish I took a photo of her face after that first bit but I knew I didn’t want to sleep on the couch that night. Luckily Katie loved the stuffed peppers and wants to make more for her work’s Holiday potluck. She also mentioned bringing these as an appetizer for Christmas day.

The recipe from I Heart Vegetables called for mini sweet peppers but our local grocery store only had regular sized sweet bell peppers. We did our best to cut the shapes in little boats for the cheese but I think next time we will cut the peppers in strips and dip in the cheese mixture. If I was to redo this recipe as a dip I would either buy whipped cream cheese or add a little milk to thin out the cheese mixture. It was quite thick but perfect texture for the boats.

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Check out the recipe —> Creamy Feta Stuffed Peppers