Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an amazing night filled with lots of bubbles and resolutions. Katie and I went to our friend’s place this year and had a little too much fun. Definitely feeling the night this morning. Katie decided to make a Honey Grapefruit Vodka Champagne punch and it was dangerous! It was a huge hit but you could barely taste the alcohol in it. It was a sneaky drink. I also can’t believe we leave for our trip in 4 days! We have pre-planned a couple posts to go up while we are gone so don’t worry about missing us!
I decided a refreshing sandwich would be a satisfying lunch to start out 2017!  I’ve never been a big fan of goat cheese however since we have started DAM Good Food I have been forced to try ingredients I normally wouldn’t eat. Goat cheese is still not my favorite but I’m trying to find a good quick recipe I like with it. Ina Garten’s herbed goat cheese sandwiches seemed like a great way for me to try a little more goat cheese. The Sandwiches were light, refreshing and filling! I think the reason I liked them so much was because there was a perfect ratio of cream cheese to the goat cheese and the herbs blended well.

Check out below to see which gluten free bread I used!

Check out the recipe —> Herbed Goat Cheese Sandwiches

Gluten free substitutions —> For this recipe we used a 7-grain gluten free bread from Canyon Bakehouse. This bread is the closest tasting 7-grain gluten free bread I’ve ever had.