This is a recipe that I actually learned from the owner of the local Carniceria on the corner of Howe and Marconi in Sacramento, CA. Sadly she didn’t give me any measurements but she did give me basic ingredients of cilantro, onion, peppers (Jalapeño or Serrano), Olive Oil  and a little bit of Lemon Juice.  Normally I allow it to marinate for at least an hour before cooking.

The next step is to cook it on the grill for around 15-20 minutes and slice for tacos when done. Homemade guacamole is always recommended. Enjoy!

Carne AsadaCarne Asada5Carne Asada4Carne Asada8Carne Asada3\Carne Asada6Carne Asada9 Carne Asada11Carne Asada10Carne Asada14 Carne Asada15Carne Asada12Carne Asada13