Hey everyone, Katie here, DAM Good Food is going to go through some changes very soon and you may have noticed the lack of posting recipes in 2017. The main change is that the narrator will no longer be Devin and I will take over as the narrator! Don’t worry though we are still happily engaged to be married.

The reason the perspective is changing is that I have been the ghost writer for Devin the past 2 years. Crazy right?  It was becoming challenging to continue to write from his perspective and we felt the right move was to transition the blog to my point of view. Devin has mentioned in previous blogs that writing is not his strong suite. I studied communications and have an easier time with expressing my thoughts via the keyboard and interweb. I am also gluten-free and the main reason majority of our recipes are converted gluten-free. I was a bit nervous to make this jump because I liked the pressure not solely being on me and ghosting for Devin at times. I also felt not many food blogs were from the male perspective and didn’t know if our appeal and charm would remain the same.

We started this blog with the goal to show off Devin’s food photography while he was unemployed and to share a hobby between the two of us. Devin will remain as active as he was before and will continue to be the photographer and co-chef. We are essentially staying in the same roles but I no longer will be pretending to be Devin writing. I’m super excited to write about our recipes and our daily lives with more details than before. The majority of our recipes will remain gluten free since I have Celiac which means I can write more in detail about my journey through adjusting recipes.

A few questions you may have. 

What’s changing? Not much but perspective, writing style, and design potentially.

Will the name stay the same? Yes! DAM is Devin’s initials but I love the name. Moore will be my last name as of March 3rd, 2018 so the name DAM Good Food will remain.

How are our adorable puppy, Roger, and relaxed cat, Odie, doing? They are great and slowly starting to love each other.

How was our Europe trip in January? I will write about the whole 2.5-week trip very soon. It was amazing and writing about it makes it real that we are no longer sipping wine and eating tapas in Spain.

Devin and I thought the best recipe we could post after this exciting transition would be our first recipe ever on DAM Good Food. Good Lord has our style and photography changed for the better. Hope everyone enjoys this re-do.

It all started when my brother gave us a ceramic dish to make beer can chicken but we like to think of it as a classy way to infuse a chicken with an alcoholic beverage. Though time-consuming, Jamie Oliver’s recipe was very simple to make and had a bonus of baked potatoes. Click on the recipe title below to see the full directions. Enjoy!

Original photos below! Jan 2015

beer can chickenIMG_6822IMG_6825

Jamie Oliver’s Beer-Can Chicken and Baked Potatoes  

 Serves 6… or 2 with leftovers

Total Time: 1 hour 50 minutes

4 peeled garlic cloves

Leaves from a small bunch of fresh thyme

4 Tbsp olive oil

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, a pinch at a time, to taste

3 1/2-lb chicken

12-oz can of Beer (we used Greens Gluten Free Amber Ale)

1 3/4 lb small baking potatoes

2 Tbsp honey 

2 Tbsp GF Worcestershire sauce

2 Tbsp ketchup