Hooray! We are back. So much has happened since May. Devin and I decided to take a brainstorming break from DAM Good Food to focus on our wedding. Now that all of our big vendors are booked and organized we feel comfortable diving back into our favorite hobby.  One vendor, we cannot wait to experience on our wedding day is our caterer, Farm to Table Catering. Naturally, Devin and I have so many creative food ideas for our wedding and we thought of a  great cocktail appetizer idea that would really emulate my personality.  We wanted to create mini baby elotes. How cute right?! If you don’t remember, elote is Mexican grilled corn that I have loved since I was little. My baby elote would be cute and bite-size, perfect for any cocktail hour or potluck. Unfortunately and fortunately our caterer only uses fresh seasonal ingredients and is not able to add this to our March wedding cocktail hour. I completely understand so I thought I would give my baby elote a try this past weekend.

My predictions were correct; they are so stinking cute and delicious! Finding young corn was the hardest challenge of this recipe. After some research, I discovered I would have the best luck finding this ingredient on Amazon or at our local international market, KP Market.  I like to tell myself that KP Market is named after myself but I digress.  A few surprising details about canned baby corn; it sits in brine, it’s floppy, it has the weirdest texture at first, it looks like witches fingers.

I decided to drain and dry the corn for about 2 hours before I started the grilling phase. This really helped with the floppiness and brine taste. Also, when I say grilling, I mean holding the corn on a skewer over an open stove-top flame. City smores style as I like to say. After grilling, I brushed them with mayonnaise, rolled in cotija cheese and dusted with  Tajín. I nearly squealed out of pride and joy when I took my first bite! YOU GUYS! They are so good and easy to make! I decided to get into the fall mood and make a candy corn version of my baby elotes. Check out the recipe below! Hope you all enjoy and happy to be back!


Baby Corn – Try finding in an international section/market or Amazon.

1/4 cup of Mayonnaise (I prefer Best Foods)

1 cup finely grated Cotija Cheese

Tajín to taste.


Drain baby corn and set on a plate with paper towels to dry for 1 to 2 hours. Place cotija cheese on a plate and set aside. Skewer each corn carefully and grill over an open flame on the stove-top or BBQ (see photo above). Brush grilled corn with a light layer of mayonnaise and roll in the cotija cheese. Sprinkle with tajin to taste.

Candy corn style – Place cotija cheese in a small bowl and set aside. Brush grilled corn with mayonnaise and carefully sprinkle tajin in the center of the corn. Dip the tip of the corn into the small bowl of cotija cheese.

What do you think? Comment below to say hi or we can share tips and tricks.