Fresh gluten-free pasta is hard to find, so to my delight when I was walking around midtown Sacramento on Saturday I stumbled upon the farmers market. Let’s set the scene; I just got my haircut so I was feeling pretty gorgeous (as I should), I decided to try to walk home which is about 10 blocks, I find a farmers market on my way home and the first booth has fresh gluten-free pasta. I don’t know what cosmic powers in the universe made this happen but needless, to say I adore Sacramento at this moment.

The Pasta Queen had an amazing special where you buy her meatballs (also naturally gluten-free), pasta sauce and pasta for $20! That is incredibly inexpensive for gluten-free standards! I decided to buy the gluten free spinach fettuccine, pesto cream sauce along with the meatballs. Once home, I tossed in some colorful cherry tomatoes and toasted pine nuts and voila! Easy homemade pasta made in no time.


1 package of gluten free spinach fettuccine pasta from The Pasta Queen.

1 container of pesto cream sauce from  The Pasta Queen.

1 container of gluten-free meatballs from  The Pasta Queen.

1/2 cup fresh cherry tomatoes, halved.

1/8 cup pine nuts

Salt and pepper to taste


Toast pine nuts in a dry skillet over a medium to low heat stirring frequently. Once toasted, set aside. Slice cherry tomatoes and set aside. Boil water and cook pasta based on packaging instructions. Drain water and set aside.  In a small to medium saucepan or skillet over medium heat, combine meatballs and sauce until simmering. Toss all ingredients together and enjoy!