Happy DAM Good Drinks Day! If you are gluten free then you know cider is your best friend. I always hear non-cider lovers say cider is too sweet but, I have a theory they have only tried Angry Orchards.  Nothing wrong with a good Angry Orchards but their ciders tend to be on the sweeter side. I personally prefer very dry ciders so, I’m always on the quest to find dry ciders that fit the flavor profile I’m looking for.  Once I found Golden State Cider it was a game changer. Their ciders are naturally on the dry side and they have unique flavors. For this post, I was able to try 3 of the 4  flavors, Mighty Dry, Gingergrass, and Bay Brut. Unfortunately, Bevmo was sold out of the Hopps flavor but next time I see it available I promise to give a review.

Mighty Dry: Hooray a dry cider! This cider is really crisp and dry but not overly bitter. Perfect for a beginner to dry cider. I would still prefer a little bit drier in flavor but I honestly can’t complain too much about this lovely can.

Gingergrass: Yum. I love ginger and the ginger flavor is subtle and excellent. If you are not a ginger fan this might not be your cider but, if you love Moscow mules then this is your drink. I’m currently enjoying one of these bad boys right now as I write this post.

Bay Brut: Did cider and champagne have a baby? Yes, yes it did. Super interesting taste but I don’t know if it’s for me. It’s dry but there is a surprising bite I can’t figure out. I can see all my brunch lovers out there digging this cider. Maybe make a Cidermosa? I’ll work on the name.

Next time on DAM Good Food, we are going to show you how to make homemade salad dressing from Golden State Cider!

Have you ever tried Golden State Cider? Let me know if the comments!