New Year’s Eve is a time to wear sparkles, drink champagne and feel fancier than you actually are. If you need a last minute appetizer to impress the other guests at your NYE party tonight, I recommend making Shrimp Cocktail Crackers! Your friends will be so amazed and think you put in a lot of time and effort when you haven’t. This is also an appetizer you can prep once at the party or let people build their own!

Around the winter holiday time, my father likes to make a version of shrimp cocktail crackers but it’s more in a deconstructed form. He will set a block of cream cheese on a cutting board, sprinkle tiny cocktail shrimp on top, pour cocktail sauce all over shrimp and cream cheese, leave crackers off to the side for people to choose and voila! Easy peasy and you can add a lemon squeezy on top!

Alert to the gluten-free readers! Cocktail sauce is a product you absolutely need to read the ingredients!  Some have malt vinegar (barley) and some oddly have wheat in the listing. It is possible to find a gluten-free option but please read before purchasing! If your cocktail sauce recommends adding horseradish cream, please also read the ingredients of the cream. I have come across some with wheat.

If shrimp cocktail isn’t your NYE jam, try our Sugared Frozen Grapes we made last year for NYE! This year we are making Cranberry Glazed Meatballs which are always a hit!

Shrimp Cocktail Crackers


1lb cooked deshelled shrimp/prawns (can be tiny cocktail shrimp/prawns too)

1 8oz cream cheese block, room temperature

2-3 green onions, peeled, chopped

1 jar gluten-free cocktail sauce

Gluten-free crackers

Lemon squeeze to taste.


In a small bowl, combine cream cheese and green onions. Spread cream cheese mixture on crackers, add shrimp and a splash of cocktail sauce as pictured above. You can also assemble with molding cream cheese mixture into a block form on a cutting board, adding shrimp on top, pouring cocktail sauce over shrimp and set crackers to the side.

Hope everyone has an amazing New Years Eve!!!!