I love chicken and artichokes, however, I highly do not recommend trying out a new recipe for stuffed artichokes on the same night you are trying out a new recipe of garlic brown sugar chicken. Cue bickering in the kitchen with whomever you are cooking with.

The stuff artichokes were okay but, I think I will put more cheese and fewer bread crumbs the next time I attempt. The artichokes tasted more like bread stuffing than a ricotta filling.

Stuffed Artichoke1 Before Stuffed Artichoke2Stuffed Artichoke3 After Stuffed Artichoke4Stuffed Artichoke5Stuffed Artichoke8Stuffed Artichoke9Stuffed Artichoke10Stuffed Artichoke11Stuffed Artichoke12Stuffed Artichoke13 Check out the recipes —> Stuffed Artichokes and Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken. 

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