My About page is accessed by clicking the right hand sidebar button. I thought I would also share who we are in a blog post.

My name is Devin A. Moore and I am a Sacramento, California based Photographer. With the help of my Girlfriend, Katie, we have created a savory and delicious food/photography blog for all to drool over. I love to cook and most of all take photos of what I have created.

We enjoy all kinds of foods however, most recipes will be gluten free. Katie was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1991 (before it was “cool”) and has the talent of changing recipes into delicious gluten free dishes. Since Katie and I live together it is honestly so much easier if we cook one meal instead of two. You will also notice that a GF will be added to an ingredient that is not normally gluten free (Soy Sauce, Worchestire Sauce, Wheat All Purpose Flour, etc). Katie may also add a couple tips and tricks.

We do not endorse plagiarism therefore all authors of original recipes are hyperlinked to the title of each recipe within the posts. Most recipes are from