What do you do when you have a potluck to attend and didn’t prepare ahead of time? Buffalo Honey Chicken of course! I had about an hour to make something delicious so a grabbed a bottle of unknown buffalo sauce and dashed out of Safeway. Why unknown sauce? I like to live on the wild side. Unfortuantly the wild side ended up being spicier and more vinegar than my potluck guests would appreciate. I poured half the bottle in a small bowl and added honey to taste. Brushed the sauce on the chicken while BBQing and simmered the rest in a pot over the stove for the end result. Enjoy!

Buffalo Honey ChickenBuffalo Honey Chicken2Buffalo Honey Chicken3Buffalo Honey Chicken4Buffalo Honey Chicken5


Value pack of chicken legs

1 bottle of Ashanti Chicken Wing Sauce 

Honey to taste