Creativity at its finest! One struggle Katie and I have in our household is spicy food. I love it. She does not. Her taste buds are inferior to mine and she says I don’t like to taste my food (I do). We finally found a compromise with my Jalapeño Popper Pizza. Now I have made this recipe from scratch so bare with me.



1 GF Pizza crust

2 Tbsp of pizza sauce and or a thick red pasta sauce

3 strips of cooked bacon diced

Half a cup of Mozzarella Cheese

2-3 Tbsp of softened Cream Cheese

1 Jalapeño

Step 1. Pre-heat oven to the temperature  suggested on the pizza crust packaging. Udi’s crusts are typical 425 degrees.

Step 2. Prepare Jalapeño, core out seeds and cut off ends. Chop to a fine dice and mix with cream cheese.

Step 3.  Spread Jalapeño spread on bare pizza crust.

Step 4. Spread with the back of a spoon the pizza sauce. The reason you spread the jalapeño cream cheese spread first is because the cream cheese is easier to spread on the bare crust. If you put the pizza sauce first, it would make the cream cheese spread very difficult to work with.

Step 5. Add mozzarella cheese and bacon.

Step 6. Bake for 10-12 minuets.