Welcome to DAM Good Food! My name is Katie Parker and my fiance’s name is Devin Moore. We currently live in Sacramento, California as a photographer and Coordinator for a local food company. Our site is comprised of delicious photos of the food we cook at home. We have created a savory and delicious food/photography blog for all to drool over. I act as content writer, cook and blog manager while Devin acts as photographer, cook, and promoter.

We enjoy all kinds of foods, however, most recipes will be gluten-free. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1992 (before it was “cool”) and have the talent of changing recipes into delicious gluten-free dishes. Since Devin and I live together it is honestly so much easier if we cook one meal instead of two. Devin loves everything I’m allergic to so occasionally you will read his reviews of local beer. We like to say I am gluten-free and he is gluten-full. You will also notice that there will be a gluten-free substitution section at the bottom of each post showing what we did to make it gluten free. I might also add in some tips and tricks depending on how difficult the recipe was. You will be amazed at how many recipes are naturally gluten-free besides one or two ingredients.

The majority of our recipes are from other AMAZING food blogs. The goal of DAM Good Food is to show how easy it is to eat normal food while gluten free. Simply changing the pasta or soy sauce brand can make a worlds difference. We do not endorse plagiarism, therefore, all authors of original recipes are hyperlinked to the title of each recipe within the posts. We do not claim ownership of these recipes.